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Australien / Bali

Back in March 1997, we travelled throughout Australia for 3 weeks only as we did not get more days off work. This was why we planned & booked the whole trip here in Germany.

Due to the season we could not do the north of Australia as the monsoon lasts till February. Also, the Kakadu National Park is still largely under water in March and the beaches on the Great Barrier Reef are very often closed down as this is the time when you'll find jelly fish in the water. Their tentacles contain a lethal neroc poison. We therefore decided to take the following route:
Start in Sydney, including a trip to the Blue Mountains, flight into the Outback to Ayers Rock and the Kings Canyon. Then we flew to Adelaide to hop over to Kangaroo Island and finally we headed all the way back southeast to Melbourne on the Great Ocean Road.

We flew Garuda, one of the big airlines in the southern hemisphere. Since our trip in Australia proved to be rather tiring, we took the opportunity to do a stopover in Bali on our way back to Germany and had a few days rest there. However, the cheap flight had one slight catch. On our way to Australia we had a 10-hour-stay in Dempasar (Bali's capital). Still at home, we thought this sounds great, we still have some time left to go and see the sights of Denpasar. However, it turned out to do, that you'd have to pay some kind of fee for leaving the airport premises; on top of that, there would still be some forms to fill in. Basically, this would have left us with no time at all which is why we decided to stay at the airport for 10 tiresome endless hours.

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Reise@lbum to Sydney

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